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Investment Management

For our investment management services we integrate life-centered financial plan development with ongoing portfolio management. Once we understand your goals, we will develop a dynamic investment strategy that you can understand. We establish a written policy statement for each of our clients that clearly defines how your investments will be allocated.  Our investment philosophy includes the following:

  • Investment strategy will be based upon Nobel prize winners Eugene Fama and Kenneth French
  • Markets are efficient
  • Stock generate a premium versus bonds
  • Value stocks generate a premium versus growth stocks
  • Small capital stocks generate a premium versus large company stocks
  • Companies with larger profit percentages provide premium versus other companies
  • Don’t try to time the market
  • Diversification is your friend
  • Purchase low-cost investments
  • Purchase tax-efficient investments

Investment Management Services consist of:

  • Select the appropriate asset allocation strategy based on your life stage and risk tolerance.
  • Choose high quality mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and/or individual stocks and bonds.
  • Monitor the performance of the investments and their management teams, and making alterations to the portfolio as trends and events dictate.
  • Make selective trades at year end in an effort to optimize your tax situation.
  • Meet with you to review performance, the markets, and the state of economy.
  • Rebalance the accounts at least once per year.

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