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 Laurie Faulk

Laurie Faulk

CFO and Client Service Manager

Job Description

Laurie oversees client service experiences. She masterfully provides support with all client requests. She oversees our client service associates and works to exceed client expectations. Laurie is instrumental in helping refine our service processes to ensure we can provide seamless and efficient support to clients. She acts as each client’s dedicated service champion. She will also be responsible for all internal financial operations for MFA.


Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business from Brigham Young University.

Getting to Know Laurie

Laurie enjoys spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren.  During her spare time, she likes to referee soccer and football, bike, hike, backpack, travel, bake, go to the theatre, read and play games. 

  • Favorite people to be with: husband, children and grandchildren
  • Favorite book genre: scriptures, classic literature, historic fiction, fantasy and non-fiction (not sci-fi)
  • Favorite foods: special brownie recipe, fruit, clam chowder and sourdough bread, caramel apples
  • Least favorite place to live: anywhere with snow, but visiting is fine